Monthly Archives: December 2009

Wiseman's La Danse: Three-and-a-half stars

We ended up staying through to the end–partly because we wanted to take part in the question and answer session with the director, but mainly because, despite the film’s length and some imperfections, we found it quite beautiful.

Ladino Music Group Aljashu Debuts in Boston

I had the privilege of attending the debut concert of Aljashu, a group formed by vocalist Julia Madeson to perform songs sung in the Ladino language, a combination of Hebrew and Spanish spoken (and sung) by Jews in Spain and Portugul the Spanish Inquisition started, in 1492.

MA Senatorial Primary: Who Gets My vote?

In voting, this time around, I’ll be deciding which candidate has the background and talent to hit the ground running–to effectively translate ideas into action with credibility and sophistication at a time when so many major issues are at stake.