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Cambridge Seeks Citizen Input on Future Tech Needs

Having completed an excellent three-evening course on Dreamweaver just this week at Cambridge Community Television in Central Square, I urge Cantabridgians to take part in one of the focus groups to be conducted in early October–all related to the Cambridge’s technology future and the role of Comcast, which, by law, sponsors CCTV, in the community.

New Cambridge Playground Opens

At long last, the new Alexander Kemp Playground on the Cambridge Common is open! It’s the most unusual playground I’ve ever seen–with dragon boat, water games, a group swing, gardens, natural woods, covered areas, its own hill, and sand everywhere. “

Mass. Life Sciences Center sees 8-fold return in year 1

The MLSC, charged with distributing some $1B over a ten year period, invested $48.5 M in public dollars this year–its first full year of operation. The funds, in turn, have attracted nearly $359M in matching investments from companies, foundations, government, institutes and other private investors–an eight-fold return.

Nurturing Networking/Branding Bonding

I left meetings of Women and Energy and Seltzer Design feeling feeling enlightened, energized and enthusiastic about bringing nurturing and community spirit community to my own marketing and client work–and wondering if (hoping that) new ways of doing business can prevail–despite the economic downturn.