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ProPublica: Newsgathering of, by and for the people

I think it’s exciting that members of the public can now help the press enhance understanding of the world we live in. I do wonder how many people will remain interested in contributing for free. But for journalists, here’s a scoop: ProPublica is hiring.

—–Anita Harris

CCTV Named #1 Public Access Station in U.S. for 8th Time

Cambridge Community Television has once again received the Overall Excellence in Public Access Programming Award from the national Alliance for Community Media in its Hometown Video Festival.

I’ve taken several excellent courses at CCTV–in Dreamweaver, Excel, and MS Publisher; also on video shooting and editing. If you join, fees are nominal–you get $100 worth of courses for $55–less if you put in volunteer time; more if you’re not a Cambridge resident. Check it out!