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Bob Langer: inspiration for job seekers

In a recent talk, MIT Institute Professor Bob Langer described the difficulties he faced in his early career. For job hunters out there the message is simple but profound. Believe in yourself and your ideas, treat people kindly, and keep on going.

Great talk, Bob. Once again, bravo.

No Valentine for Microsoft

Much as I appreciated the companionship on Valentine’s night, the relationship is just not working out. It’s hard to break up with Microsoft…but, clearly, it’s something I have to do.

Free Vista, Comcast help: you get what you pay for and a new social life

It’s not that I don’t appreciate my new social life and those late night calls from apologetic tech support professionals in India, but now that I’m in my 61st hour of a Microsoft Vista meltdown and my sixth day of a Comcast email failure, I hope that the companies will send in reinforcements or that a lawyer will start a class action lawssuit or two.