Cambridge’s Luke Farrar Kickstarts fundraising for Aussie Claustral Canyon 3-D Film

Claustral Canyonc_largeFront cover of National Geographic









With 17 days to go, and at 37% of his target, 3-d filmmaker Luke Farrar says things are going quite well for his Kickstarter campaign to fund an amazing filmmaking project–using a novel, 3-D camera–to bring a beautiful Australian  canyon to your computer Screen.

Luke says Claustral Canyon is one of the world’s most ancient and beautiful slot canyons. Fifty million years old, it is ten times older than the Grand Canyon. There is no record of the Aboriginals ever having been there, which only adds to the mystery of the place. The canyon was only explored for the first time in the 1960s.

Here’s a link to Luke’s Kickstarter page, which includes a video explanation and demonstration of the project. Luke is based at the CIC, where I work; great if you could help him out with a few bucks.

Journey To A Lost Canyon .

–Anita Harris
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