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Art collector to share his vision at Lacoste starting Feb 3, 2018, Concord, MA

Cambridge writer, photographer, consultant and art lover Anita Harris plans to attend the opening of “Through the Eyes of a Collector,”at theĀ  Lacoste Gallery, in Concord, Ma.T he exhibit offers an insight into the art collecting practices of Steve Alpert, an avid ceramic art lover and collector who has been a board member of MFA Boston, Chairman of the Board of the Institute for Contemporary Art, Chair of the Rose Art Museum at Brandeis University.

Health gizmos for non-geeks: new monitoring devices for staying well

I was blown away when I heard about pill bottle caps that will tell you (or your doctor or your caretakers) if you’ve forgotten to take your meds…a kazoo that measures the chemistry of the air from your lungs…and a telephone that can assess whether you’re depressed–from the tones of your voice. Remote health monitoring gizmos are not for the future: they are now!