Christina Inge: Cuts to “Meals on Wheels,” HHS Programs Unfair To Hard Workers

Guest Post

Christina IngeWe hear that elders without the means to hire help don’t deserve a few public dollars to receive a hot meal and see a kind face. Because they should have had the foresight to grow rich and if they didn’t, it’s time for them to succumb to hunger.


Yet, every one of us benefits from many people’s labor for which they are paid but modestly.

Go out on the street today. Are they clean? That’s because of the sanitation workers you feel do not deserve life.

Can you read this? That’s because of the teachers you feel deserve to freeze.

Going to church today? It’s there because of the clergy and church secretaries you think should receive no medical care.

Did you buy food? Someone stocked those shelves-someone you would see starve.

The nursing associates who watched over you in the night when you were in the hospital cannot and would not take your life and health back.

Your teachers will not take back the knowledge we gave you, though you wish us so ill.

The garbage man will ensure clean streets tomorrow; the church folks will pray for your soul.

To those imposing the cuts: You will not defeat us. You are defeating your soul.

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