Treasures Over Time: Gems and Geology in Salem

treasures-over-time-generalYesterday was sparkling cold and sunny so Sheila and I decided to drive up to Salem to visit Treasures Over Time, one of  the loveliest shops I’ve ever been in–and for someone whose favorite sport is shopping, that’s saying a lot.

Founded by proprietors Nestor and Sivan Sergott,  the shop, recently relocated to 139 Washington Street, features  gems and geology: hand chosen, hand made decorative, home and office and jewelry items made by international artists and artisans from mineral materials all over the world.

As the Webite explains, Treasures Over Time is all about time. The hundreds of millions of years it took nature to present us with her gifts. Time brings diversity of form, color, texture, morphology, landscape and clues about ancient life into our lives.

Serpentine Vase

Serpentine Vase

Some of my favorite pieces are made of serpentine–rock sculpted into useful objects, then fired at high temperatures, which brings out their colors.

We also loved the jewelry–and the



fantastic collection of fossils, and        rough mineral specimens, all beautifully displayed  in the two-room  store.

Full disclosure,  Sivan’s grandmother and mine were sisters; one reason for the trip was to discuss  a show of photographs of rock formations I took on the South Coast of Australia–which, we agreed will happen sometime this Spring.


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  1. susan grey wagner
    February 2, 2009 at 9:42 pm

    I liked the family connection Anita, and Sivan’s stuff is beautiful. Send me a piece for my birthday!!! ha ha. Take care. Sounds like you are doing well!!

    • anharris
      February 2, 2009 at 11:16 pm

      Thanks, Susan–and happy birthday! Let’s continue this off line. Anita

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