Brief movie review: Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Interesting, unusual mix of romance, politics, environmentalism, international affairs, humor, seriousness; has moments that are really fun. The characters (and actors) are attractive, individualized, not cliched, even somewhat complex. The film serves an important purpose in humanizing an Arab sheik for an American audience–and brings up interesting issues about wealth, power, economic development, tradition and resistance to change.

I appreciated Salmon Fishing’s  poking fun at the British government–with humor that we don’t find, these days, in or about American politics. Although it was farfetched, I enjoyed it. My companions, both journalists, found it “too cute.”  I wondered when the movie was conceived and how much sense it makes now, given the current situation in the Middle East.
–Anita M. Harris

Anita Harris, a former journalist, is president of the Harris Communications Group–a Cambridge, MA, PR firm specializing in integrated marketing communications and thought leadership for clients in health, science, technology, energy and education, worldwide.


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