Revere Sandcastles: Zeitgeist at Low Tide

On Sunday, I drove up to Revere to take in the    annual Sand Castle Competition…As always the entries were amazing–I had to wonder how  on earth (so to speak) the artists managed to build them.

Especially enjoyed “Skin and Bones,” a fish within a fish–

Skin & Bones #1 Revere Beach Sand Castle Competition 2012








A few entries surprisingly downbeat–perhaps, as my friend C suggested, picking up on the general zeitgeist:
For example, “The Earth Cries…”








And “Everyone has a dark side” –a woman with her  back to viewers–and,on  the ocean side, a frowning ghoulish character facing the ocean.















The Winner was “To Bee or Not,” a very intricate sculpture of an insect (to which my photo does not do justice–the light was very tricky).










I would have liked to have jumped in the water (it was hot, even as early as 7 AM) but the tide was just starting to come in…so the beach was loaded with small stones and shells and the water a bit murky. Maybe go next year to see the artists at work?


 —-Anita Harris


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