House of Blues Gala Benefit for The American Revolution

Here are photos I took at last night’s gala benefit for Bill Lichtenstein’s forthcoming film, “The American Revolution–a documentary on WBCN radio which Lichtenstein credits as instrumental (pun intended) in the political and cultural upheavals of the late 1960s.

The first part of the evening, deemed “The Folk Revolution,” featured Tom Rush, Kate and Livingston Taylor, Jonathan Edwards, and “Spider” John Koerner.
Up next during “The Rock Revolution,” were  Al Kooper, Billy Squier, members of Boston, and The Uptown Horns . Also,  Danny Klein of The J. Geils Band, Peter Case, Jon-Pousette Dart, Kate Taylor, Willie “Loco” Alexander, The Fools, Sandy MacDonald, Johnny A., Tosh1, Barbara Holliday, members of both Duke & the Drivers and Barry & the Remains, with the James Montgomery Band. Charlie “Master Blaster” Daniels, original concert emcee at the legendary Boston Tea Party, which stood on the location of the House of Blues, hosted the event. The concert included light shows from Ken Brown, who oversaw the “psychedelic cinema” films that were a staple at the Tea Party.

A couple hundred people in the audience included  aging hippies, former (present?) dopers, professional and professorial types.  As an aging something or other myself, my only complaint was that there were no chairs…and it was a four hour show!

Please forgive my including three photos of Bill–wordpress glitch.

Anita M. Harris
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