Pedicab Service Launched in Harvard Square

2013-05-08_14-00-25_182    Boston Pedicab–operating in Boston for about six weeks–expanded to Cambridge, yesterday, as I learned while walking in Harvard Square.  Driver? Cyclist? Operator? Bryce Read said it was his first day, first hour, working in Cambridge–so had not yet had any customers. But he’ll take you wherever you’d like to go, give a tour, get you across campus–and you can pay what you think the service is worth. He said that a trip to Porter Square–maybe half a mile?–might be worth $10. Or $15. Or $25. I said that seemed like a lot when you can get the bus for $1.75–but he said you’re paying for a novel, fun experience. I’m sure he’ll get a lot of business on Harvard Graduation Day–shlepping students’ elderly relatives around the campus.  Perhaps he sensed I was feeling tired when he asked if he could take me somewhere….I was tempted…but had to admit I was just on the way to my car. The Cambridge service is called Charles River Pedicab; to reserve call Bryce at 978, 473-1508,  617-266-2005 or visit–which bills “tours, weddings and Fenway shuttles.”

—Anita M Harris

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