“Redlegs” featured at Roxbury Film Festival, in Boston Debut


Executive Producer Bryan Kane, Producer  Brett Greene, Witer/Director Brandon Harris

Executive Producer Bryan Kane, Producer Brett Greene, Writer/Director Brandon Harris

Joined friends, family and other enthusiastic audience members on Saturday night, June 29,  for  the Boston premier of  feature film “Redlegs”  at the Roxbury Film Festival, at the Massachusetts College of Art.

I liked the film–which was written and directed by Brandon Harris (and executive produced by Brett Green –who happens to be my cousin). It’s about three 20-somethings trying to deal with their grief after a  childhood friend  is killed,  in  Cincinnati.

The film begins at the friend’s funeral and slowly unfolds– revealing the friends’ relationships with one another and with the victim, and where they are now, in their lives.

The  friends’ actions and reactions sometimes seem inexplicable–   irrational anger at one another; attempts to stay busy by playing frisby and attending sporting events;  beating up a guy who challenges them; incessant use of the “F-word.” But it  works because the point of the film is that they don’t know what to do or how to act–and,taken as a whole,    it all expresses the chaos of grief.

I found it especially interesting to see how a 20-something director portrayed the interactions of males his own age struggling to  define themselves and one another as men.

Congrats, guys!

Here’s the  favorable New York Times Review:  http://movies.nytimes.com/2012/05/25/movies/redlegs-by-brandon-harris-is-a-cincinnati-tale.html?_r=0 .

—Anita M. Harris


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