Ranger Jean Posts Fresh Pond “Rules of the Road” Signs

Fresh Pond Rules of the Road, posted after we contacted Ranger Jeanne


Two weeks ago, I stopped to thank Ranger Jean Rogers for the information she sent after I emailed her about almost being run off the path at Fresh Pond, in Cambridge–and to mention it that I’d posted it on New Cambridge Observer (September 11).

She told me that several people had similar complaints, and that her office would soon be posting signs suggesting proper “etiquette.” (She also suggested that I call the police if anyone ran roughshod like that, again).

On my run this morning, I was pleased to see that signs outlining etiquette have been posted.

They apply to runners, walkers, bikers and dog people. (Well, to everyone)

  • Keep to the right
  • Pass on the left and make your presence known.
  • Slow down when passing
  • Keep your dog on a leash
  • Be aware of your surroundings . When running with ear buds. check behind you before passing.
  • Kindly move off the path to stop and talk.
  • Slower-moving people stay to the right
  • Use lights when it’s dark.
  • See Fresh Pond Reservation Rules and Regulations for off-leash use.


Fresh Pond, Sept 24, 2017

.I want to apologize for occasionally running on the dirt path to the left of the blacktop–but only because, in some areas, the dirt path is very narrow and overrun with bushes or, worse, yet, poison ivy.

I also want to thank Ranger Jean for her help with this.

Anita Harris

Anita M. Harris is a writer, photographer and wunner (she walks and runs?)  in Cambridge, MA.

New Cambridge Observer is a publication of the Harris Communications Group, also of Cambridge.


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