New Cambridge Observer is written by  Anita M. Harris, a journalist, author, photographer and communications consultant who is a long-time resident and observer of events in and around Cambridge, MA.   Anita writes about  business, technology,  the media, social gatherings, art exhibits, concerts,  life events, people, and academe as they strike her fancy (and her funnybone).   Her  goals are to inform, educate, amuse, market her books and articles and, she hopes, her communications consulting business! (More about the last at www.harriscom.com).

New Cambridge Observer is a publication of the Harris Communications Group of Cambridge, MA, which also publishes Harriscomblog.com and http://Ithacadiaries.wordpress.com.   We welcome comments, links and pingbacks. Our materials are copyrighted by Anita M. Harris; for permission to use them, please contact us at harriscom@harriscom.com. Thanks!

Anita Harris

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